• Cooked Beef w/Beef Broth
  • Roast Beef
  • Beef Jerky


  • Ground Beef available in any lean/fat ratio
  • Ground Beef in bulk 5lb. to 50lb. Packages
  • Ground Beef Patties available in any size, many shapes Fresh,Fresh Frozen,Individually Quick Frozen
  • All Beef Meat Loaf in 5lb. rolls
  • Salisbury Steaks/Patties (All Beef)
  • Shaved Beef for Beef Bowls (or?)
  • Beef for Stroganoff
  • Beef Steak Strips
  • Portioned Philly Steaks 4oz. to 8oz.
  • Cube Steak-Portioned/Chopped/Molded/Formed
  • Choice & Prime Grades of:
  • (All Natural) New York Style Beef Steak
  • Any and All Variety of Beef Steaks Individually Vacuum Packaged
  • Breaded Veal Patties
  • Ground Buffalo-Bulk Package
  • Ground Buffalo-Patties

Private Label and Grade Labeling available